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October “Fantasy” Tour – The Power of the Imagination with Takuto!

Good day everyone and welcome back to the last batch of Fantasy posts!

As it’s November 1st, we’re slowly switching gears to our November theme, which we’ll be sharing over the weekend. For the time being it remains Top Secret. Like always, if you guys have any theme suggestions, drop them in our contact form or contact Lyn!

Now then, out of the many treats we shared yesterday for Halloween, our last was from Scott, who talked about the Flying Witch fantasy anime and how we can come to appreciate the small things in life. If you missed his post, head on over to check it out! But if you’re ready for the next OWLS post on the list, then it’s time to head on over to our favorite cafe to see what Takuto has to say about SAO: Alicization!


The power of using imagination to change the world—or in this case create one—is the philosophy that lies at the core of the fantasy genre. If we can dream it, it shall be, and SAO is no exception to this principle. Fantasies can conjure forth one’s greatest mystical musings about how the world can be, and Quinella took this power in her own hands to create a reality where the world bows to her wishes, not the other way around.

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