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October “Fantasy” Tour – Exploring The Possibilities in Otome Games with Naja!

Good morning Owlets!

Today we will be sharing our last two posts of the Fantasy tour and tomorrow we will be revealing our November theme. Can’t wait for it? Neither can we, our schedule is nicely packed~

But while we drum up some suspense, why not check out Takuto’s post, which focused on SAO: Alicization and the power of our imagination, not just of the creator but of the believer. Lost you? Don’t worry, Takuto does a better job explaining! Already finished reading it? Then we invite you to head on over to Blerdy Otome to check out Naja’s post about the role of otome games in fantasy


But, otome games also tap into our vulnerabilities, leaving us at the mercy of strong powerful men, playing out secret fantasies that help us learn more about ourselves and our desires.

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