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Closing the October “Fantasy” Tour with Crimson – Finding a Reality in Historical Fantasy!

We have made it to the finish line! Thanks a bunch to all our readers who have been following the tours with us ^^

Earlier today we shared Naja’s post where she talks about the different ways that otome games allow the player to explore potentially dangerous possibilities in a safe and distant environment. If you missed her post, check out right here! And if you’re all done with her post, then closing our tour for this month’s Fantasy theme is Crimson, who looks at the series Tanya the Evil


The reason that I chose Tanya for this month’s Fantasy tour is that it’s a series that shows us a couple of things that I feel are important, especially right now

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p.s. Have a theme you’d like us to write about? Then send it our way! We’re always taking suggestions, not just from within our own team, but from our readers


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