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November “Failure” Tour – Overcoming Failure In Community with Megan!

Good day everyone!

With the weather becoming chillier and chillier, it’s about time we bust out our scarves and gloves. Keep warm because this is when the sick season begins. And while you’re making that hot chocolate or tea or coffee, why not take a look at our posts for this month’s tour?

Starting us off on the Failure blog tour was Jack, who talked about trading card shows and how confidence and humility can help you truly learn from failures. If you missed his post, you can read it here! But if you’re ready for the next post, then we can head on over to Nerd Rambles. In her post, Megan talks about the show Welcome to the NHK, where the main character is a hikikomori


Welcome to the NHK proves that while it is ultimately up to us to help ourselves, the support of others helps immensely. Sato only starts to get his life together after meeting Misaki and reconnecting with old friends. It’s not a smooth journey, but nothing in life is and this time his friends are along for the ride.

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