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November “Failure” Tour – A Reflection of Conflicting Feelings with Naja!

Hey everyone! Today was an unexpectedly busy day but we’ve made sure to stop by with your daily dose of OWLS greatness

Yesterday we shared Megan’s post where she talks about the series Welcome to the NHK, particularly Sato’s situation as a hikikomori and how the support of his friends helped him come out of his shell. If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here! Up next on the schedule is Naja, who decides to tackle the Failure prompt by talking about the sports anime series Tsurune. Check out what she had to say for this month’s prompt!


The truth is, failure sucks. No one wants to admit that they didn’t make the cut, but rather than looking at failure as a negative, I like to think of it as a foundation for growth. No genre embodies this notion like sports anime, regardless of the sport there is always a point in the story where someone loses.

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