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November “Failure” Tour – Second Chances at Victory with Matt!

Where has the week disappeared to?! We are days away from finishing up this month’s blog tour, but not to worry, our lineup is still going strong!

Last time we shared Hikari’s post, where she talked about Black Clover and how Asta never gave up on his dream to join the Magic Knights, even when everyone thought he didn’t have a chance. If you missed her post, head on over and check it out! Up next we have a post from Matt, who also looks at a shounen protagonist. This time, we have a spotlight on Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Check out how Matt ties the idea of failure to our favorite orange-haired shinigami!


When you lose, it hurts because you feel like you failed and you feel like staying down and letting your enemy to hurt you even more. Sometimes it feels easy to give up because once you give up, you can feel like you can escape from your problems, but you will be haunted by your failures.

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