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November “Failure” Tour – The Path Less Taken with YumDeku!

Hey Owlets, welcome back to the last week of our November Failure posts! We hope you’re ready for some reading because we have six more posts to share

Last time we shared Pinkie’s in-depth analysis of Ash’s journey, the failures that shaped who he is, and some personal stories and advice from Pinkie. If you missed that post, you can read it here! There are lots of words of wisdom in that post, so be sure not to skip it. Up next on the schedule we have YumDeku who decided to focus on re:Zero’s Subaru Natsuki. How do you think YumDeku continues the discussion of failure?



He learns that even if you are blessed with a magnificent power, sometimes you still need to put in a lot of hard work and sometimes even then it’s not about being a one-man army, you still need the support of others to try to avoid failure. And even then failure might still happen but the work done in self-improvement is something failure can never take away.

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