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November “Failure” Tour – The Value of Drive and Passion with Lita!

Hey everyone, it looks like today we have another midnight OWLS snack for you all!

Last time we shared YumDeku’s post where they talked about re:Zero’s Subaru Natsuki, who has the power to revive after death. While this ability has given him the courage to attempt things regardless of how many times he fails, it also tests his resolve as some problems just don’t work out. If you haven’t checked out the post, now’s your chance! Up next we have Lita who talks about Cross Manage, a short and cute little sports manga by KAITO. Have you read it? How do you think Lita connects failure with this one?


I speak values here but what does that even mean towards our failures and successions? Values for every different person are never set in stone, there forever changing. To use the term loosely without getting complex here, there are things we believe in, what we like to uphold for ourselves, in the decisions we make.

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