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November “Failure” Tour – Reflecting Over a Year of OWLS with Irina!

Good day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers!

Considering some of you might be stuck on your couches after a nice meal, we thought it was the perfect time to share another OWLS post, but before this…Because it’s Thanksgiving, we would like to say thank you to all our readers. We hope that our members’ posts have been inspirational to you all in some way. Continue to spread love and kindness in the community. It might not seem like it, but that’s one of the greatest things we could do right now. Let’s not let our community fall apart over our differences. Let’s cherish what makes us different and celebrate it

Cheers to our huge and growing family


Ok, let’s not get too emotional *wipes tears*

Last time we shared Lita’s post where she talked about the sports manga Cross Manage and how Misora inspired the people around her with the passion she had for lacrosse, regardless of how many times she’d failed a play. If you missed it, now’s your chance to check it out! Up next we have Irina who reflects over her year of writing OWLS posts about Natsume. Do you think she’s failed? We think she’s been impressively versatile with her posts!


I am one of those odd people that does not dislike failure. I happen to think that great success is made up of dozens of failures all stacked up together. Failure brings wisdom to fools and folly to cowards. It is a great tragedy to be robbed of the opportunity to experience failure at least once.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. Remember that it’s okay to spend your Thanksgiving with your friends. Family doesn’t mean people need to be blood-related


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