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November “Failure” Tour – Enjoying the Journey in Failure with Crimson!

Hey everyone, welcome back!

It looks like we’re only a pair of days before the Failure tour comes to an end…and then the year. Are you guys looking forward to 2020 and a new year of OWLS content? We hope you are! But we’re getting too ahead of ourselves. We’re not quite done with November yet

Last time we shared Irina’s post where she reflected on her year with OWLS, the many failures she felt she had, and how these were all learning experiences. If you missed it, then head on over to her post now! If you’re finished with her post, then up next we have Crimson who talks about the novel Snow Country and the relationship between both characters. Check out what they have to say


These are all memories that she will be able to look back on. Many will be sad but there will be many that she will hold onto with fondness. She lived her life to the fullest given her situation. She found success in failure. Shimamura describes these actions and feelings as “wasted effort” and notices the “loneliness” in Komako but I’d argue that these are strengths. Komako isn’t afraid to pursue something that will end in failure

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