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November “Failure” Tour – Finding Inspiration in Our Beginnings with Takuto!

Welcome back Owlets!

We are now in December, which means it’s slightly more acceptable to walk out in Christmas apparel and blast Christmas music everywhere you go. Anything before this was obviously blasphemy

But what is always acceptable year-round is reading our OWLS posts! Last time we shared Crimson’s post on Snow Country, where they talk about the love life of the hot spring geisha Komako and why she continues to pursue something that has no future. If you missed it, now’s your chance to head on over and read it! But if you’re all good, then up next we’re headed to the Best Cafe in the blogosphere. In keeping with his theme, Takuto tackles the topic of failure by talking about Yumeiro Patisserie, a pastry-making anime. Check it out!


When the going gets tough, sometimes we have to take life one chocolate cake roll at a time. We should take chances, and even if we suck, we should never give up. We should polish our dreams like jewels, and even when we want to cry, if we try smiling while doing something we love, we just might be able to change our whole day around all on our own. Sometimes, all it takes is going back to our humble beginnings to realize just how far we’ve traveled.

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