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Closing the November “Failure” Tour with Lyn and Scott!

And the November Failure tour comes to an end!

Last time we shared Takuto’s post where he talks about Ichigo from the series Yumeiro Patisserie, how she struggles in an elite school with little experience, and what she does in order to regain her confidence after facing failures. If you missed it, now’s your chance to check it out! Up next we have two posts (surprise! It’s an early gift?!) closing off this month’s tour. 

In Lyn’s post, she talks about her OWLS “Failure” moment as well as a few characters she feels a connection to because of their failures. And in Scott’s post…Haikyuu fans gather! Scott talks about his recent journey with the Haikyuu manga, the many failures that Karasuno has faced in order to get to Nationals, and the obstacles they faced while at Nationals. Check them out


I honestly found this hilarious that out of all the prompts I created I missed the deadline for this one. One way we look at failure is when we mess up or make a mistake and learn from it. However, in this case, I would like to address that failure can happen when you have too many commitments that you can’t keep up with everything. And that’s what happened to me.

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I’m a big fan of Mythbusters and one of my favorite qoutes from Adam Savage is “Failure is always an option”. Now that may seem like something for science and engineering problems only, but that applies to everything we try and do as well. In life, there is a larger chance of us failing then achieving anything which is why life is so difficult and painful sometimes. Sometimes failure just happens and we can’t control it. Karasuno’s raise to nationals in Haikyuu was full of failure that they did and did not want.

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We hope you guys have enjoyed the different twists and turns that our OWLS members have given for the prompt of Failure. What were some of your favorite posts? Were there any takes that you felt we missed? Let us know in the comments section~

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p.s. We will be posting the December theme and schedule later tonight so be on the lookout!


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