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December “Holiday” Tour – Celebrating that Aussie Christmas with Lita!

Merry Christmas Eve Owlets!!

While many people will be celebrating Christmas with a big dinner tomorrow, there are many who will be stuck in their kitchens and eating today. Our condolences for all the hard work you will inevitably devour in ten minutes or less. But with a full belly comes extra time for reading!

Last time we shared Megan’s post, where she talked about the perils of being a retail worker during the holidays…like that dratted Christmas music on repeat!! But also the good feels of being home on Christmas Day. If you missed it, find out what’ll be happening at the Nerd Rambles Home tomorrow here! Next up we have one of our favorite Aussie gals talking about the wonders of 104F Christmas. Can you imagine that?


I find it hilarious whenever posting on twitter every year about my excitement for summer and it’s December. . . oh it gets people every time. BELIEVE me took a long time to adjust to a whole new climate, I remember day me and my family arrived here it was 40 degrees (105F). Those airport doors opening, felt like you were in an oven and I raced back inside. Never had I experienced such an intense atmosphere.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤ and
Happy Holidays!!


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