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“Legacy” Blog Round Up {February}


Here is OWLS bloggers round up for February. Rest in peace Kobe Bryant.


Hello Folks Lita Here,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up, hope you guys are all well. This February tour was in the name of Kobe Bryant who tragically passed in January, the dude was a basketball legend. We dedicated this tour is his name, how a legacy he set up for himself and for others.

We have mentors, teachers, coaches, and role models whose stories inspired us in some way. Even when these role models are gone, their stories will live on from generation to generation. For this month, we will be exploring stories that have inspired or taught us some important lessons about life.

My Hero Academia





“Legacy” Blog Tour Roundup (Feb 2020)


2/6: [OWLS February Blog Tour] Literature Legacy By Megan Nerd Rambles

2/8:   On British Literature & Fate: What it Means to be Remembered || OWLS “Legacy By Takuto Takuto’s Anime Cafe

2/11: Magical Girls, Media and Maturation [OWLS Feb. ’20 Blog Tour]   By Aria  The AniManga Spellbook

2/16: A Legacy of Revolution By Ange Just Being Otaku

2/24: Bold Will to dream The Pet Girl of Sakurasou [February 2020 OWLS Tour] By YumDeku  MyAnime2go

2/26:  OWLS: Legacy Blog Tour By Ashley The Review Heap

2/27:  [OWLS Tours] The Underdogs, They Don’t Know What Giving Up Means by Mel Mel in Animeland

2/28: Humans Give Meaning | Owls ‘Legacy’ Feb Tour By Lita Lita Kino Anime Corner

2/29: [Feb 2020 OWLS Tour] Kamina: Endless Charisma and Stupidity By Scott  Mechanical Anime Reviews

Hope you enjoy our coverage for our legacy tour, our members went different corners for this one and all are fantastic reads as always. For next month’s topic will be a sweeter topic that was chosen by me, which will be unveiled in the next two days!!

p.s. If you’re interested in joining OWLS, head on over to our contact form and drop us a message. We welcome all fellow bloggers, youtubers etc, We’re a really friendly bunch!!


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See you next time!! 



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