Blog Tour Round-Up

“Mindfulness” June Blog Round Up


That end of month time again, I’m here to bring you the June roundup !!!


Long time no write for here, Lita here!

I hope our followers and all are safe and well during this trying times for past two months we have focused on the current state of things but I think the most important we’ve covered is June’s topic. Our members explored the topic “Mindfulness”, taking care of our soul and minds, our mental state is number one in the year 2020. We looked at various characters from all mediums their philosophy and life beliefs along with the things that are bringing us the small happiness, hobbies etc.

A smaller tour this time round but we understand the vitalness of others taking precedents of their lives right now. That is something we would wish more than anything so a special blessed thankyou to our members who are still making these tours happen even how things are. 



If we don’t take care of our minds and souls, we will always be in pain. 

For the past few months, things have been pretty hectic. Everyone’s lives have changed to some degree, and we can’t help but feel anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed. This month we will be focusing on ourselves and keeping a strong peace of mind with our theme, “Mindfulness.” We will be analyzing characters that have crafted and practiced their own philosophy on life and have spread their beliefs to others. We will also be talking about habits, hobbies, and things that are keeping us sane, positive, and peace within our souls. 


Avatar – Aang and Uncle Iroh

Mr. Miyagi – The Karate Kid

Kisuke Urahara – Bleach



Mindfulness June Round Up


4th [OWLS June Blog Tour] Mind The Crossing By Megan from Nerd Rambles


10th [June 2020 OWLS] Sonic X – Being Mindful in a Whole New  By from Matt in the Hat

11th MINDFULNESS – JUNE BLOG TOUR SCHELDULEBy Hikari from Hikari Otaku Station

13th Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid & Coping With Reality By Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe

16th Move the Way You Want [Jun. ’20 OWLS Blog Tour] By Aria from The AniManga Spellbook

30th [OWLS] Mindfulness: Moving Towards New Goals Crimson from A Nerdy Fujo Cries 


Crimson OWLS loves you!! 

All of our members are OWLS are like family to us and we are deeply saddened to see Crimson an original member from the beginning move on from the group. Not just participating in tours but doing some of the background work of our round ups and schedules, she has done a lot for us. We appreciate you so much, your dedication and passion for this group. We wanted to do a very special shoutout to you Crimson, we know you will still pop in to say hello and chat but we wish you nothing but the happiness and best for what comes in your life and hobbies. 


Now our July tour is beginning on the 13th and we are super excited for this one!!! 

It’s very different kind of tour that we have not done before and we’re hoping will bring some much need positive for right now. Here is a clue… *Something us fans all love to participate in” You can comment below any guesses haha.

Check our last year’s July tour on Technology!! 

The July schedule will be out in next 3 days !! so keep a look out!!

Until then we extend our wishes of well to you all and keep pressing on during these strange times!!


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Take care everyone and be well!! 

From OWLS team and members!! 


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