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OWLS Mini Con: Plushie Paradise with Pinkie

Hello again friendos. It’s Aria here again and back to the OWLS Mini Con we go.

A short reminder that Jack’s short story competition, dubbed the “Fusion Fight”, is running until the 25th of July and Carla’s fan art competition, which is also running until the 25th of July.

This time, we’ve got Pinkie, who’s advertising various plushie dealers (note she doesn’t get anything out of it…except maybe views and self-gratification). Even our fairly new mascot Sir Hoot – that’s our brown owl buddy you see in the logo, in Rowlet’s place – gets a shoutout here:

Welcome to my adorable little store, what I sell you today isn’t just plushies! I am trying to sell you on some amazing people in the business as well!

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(Image source: Pinkie’s post)

Next is Takuto on the 22nd of July with his Toaru franchise guide.

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