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OWLS Con: Time for the Toaru Franchise with Takuto

Hello friendos. Aria here once again. We’ve had everything from plushies to presentations so far and now we’re bringing even more OWLS con goodness to your screen of choice.

Before we get to that, just a short reminder that Jack’s short story competition, dubbed the “Fusion Fight”, is running until the 25th of July and Carla’s fan art competition, which is also running until the 25th of July.

So, like Matt’s (Matt in the Hat) comparison post, we’re delving into a huge franchise with Takuto’s YouTube video, Starting Index/Railgun in 2020: A Toaru Guide:

We literally got to choose ANYTHING that we were passionate about, and so, I’d like to present to you my personalized guide through one of my favorite anime franchises ever, the Toaru series! I’ve been a huge “RailDex” fan ever since I first started watching anime and, almost a decade later, I’m happy to be able to repay my love with this video that will hopefully help others enjoy this beloved franchise, too!

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(Image source: Takuto’s post)

Next up is Matt Doyle on July 24th, who will be expanding our horizons with how to use the game software, Click Team Fusion 2.5. Look forward to it.

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