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OWLS Con: More Merch, Courtesy of Megan

Hello friendos, Aria again.

We’re approaching the end of this con and next up, we have Megan’s merchandise line-up. It’s similar to Pinkie’s plushie post, but true to the name “A Geeky Gal”, Megan’s not just got anime-themed goodies on offer, but other geeky things as well and if you buy something, you could even capitalise on some of the affiliate codes…(Hint, hint!)

…May I present to you my humble contribution of The Virtual Artist Alley which features some of my most favorite Etsy shops and small businesses that specialize in all things geeky including several Black-owned, women-owned, and Black women-owned small businesses!

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(Source: Megan’s post)

Next is Lyn with her anime Humanities course. Look forward to it.

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