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OWLS Con: An East-Asian Humanities Course From Lyn

Hello again, friendos. Aria here and hopefully you’re going well, regardless of the time or the lockdown conditions (or lack thereof) in your part of the world.

Now, here’s something different once again – Lyn has created a syllabus, based on some of the prompts that we’ve had in the past. (Well, she is the one who comes up with the prompts for us to write on in the first place…) She’s paired each theme with several works, too.

In this course, students will read manga/manhwa and watch anime to discover how these texts represent contemporary life and what we value as human beings. The course covers basics such as literary analysis, the examination of genres, and comparative methodology…By the end of this course, students will have a newfound appreciation for anime, manga, and other mediums.

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What do you think about the works matched to each prompt? Would you take a class like this if Lyn were taking it?

Lita is lucky last for this month, with her guide on how to find gems in the world of anime.

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Free to be me ❤ and #StayAtHome

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