Owls Is Taking A Hiatus

Time for a rest

 2020 has been a year of hurdles to remember and importance of taking care of ourselves even more. Our group will be taking a break at this time. 

Hello Followers! 

It’s Lita here hope you are all doing well, staying safe, taking all the precautions we have to do daily adjusting still to this new world normal of. It’s not going to take a few months but a long time. 

I am here to update you with an important announcement. From 1st September to December, our group will be taking a hiatus. The two reasons for this: 

– Given the current state of things and our members, we have all been dealing with many tough things in our lives right now and feel our members, main PR team need to focus on themselves at the moment. While we still had tours every month this year, behind the scenes keeping things organised has been bit of struggle. Everyone’s personal life take most precedent matter for right now. 

– Our group will also take this time to revaluate the structure of our group. There has been a lot of change within group, our group has grown smaller and we wish to reestablish where OWLS goes from here.   

The main PR team would like to extend the deepest of thankyou’s to our members who are still with us and participated in any tour this year despite it all. You should know we appreciate you all, you are like family, our group is a family. We would like to personally thankyou Aria for being a massive help recently, you’ve been a big help! 

Our followers, Thankyou for your continuous support for our group, we are but a small group but we appreciate anyone who reads our tours, retweets, shares our posts. Means a lot towards the meaning of our group. 

This isn’t goodbye just see you later for now !! 

Thankyou again and See you soon all!! 

OWLS team!! 




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