Blog Tour Round-Up

“Diplomacy” Blog Tour Round-Up

“Diplomacy” is described as an activity of managing relations. Typically, this is meant of relations between nations. But for the month of “November,” we focus our discussion on key points in our favorite titles where words played an important role in ensuring the best possible outcome. Despite being a challenging prompt, we’ve come up with… Continue reading “Diplomacy” Blog Tour Round-Up

Blog Tour Schedule

“Dreamers” Blog Tour Schedule (October 2017)

Hello Owlets! Arria here. Can you imagine that this is our 10th blog tour already? Wow. As always, thank you very much for your awesome support. I hope that you enjoyed our recently ended September blog tour “Treasure”. We also had a give-away for the very first time for the book Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green. This… Continue reading “Dreamers” Blog Tour Schedule (October 2017)


September “Treasure” Giveaway

Hello guys Lita Here,  We have something special announce to you guys were doing a special giveaway for our September Blog Tour “Treasure”. Our focus for September is on Mental health and illness to highlight this important topic we are giving away a copy of: Lighter Than My Shadow By Katie Green   This is… Continue reading September “Treasure” Giveaway