These are the faces of the OWLS team, the bloggers, vloggers, and writers that keep this ship alive and running! While we are all from different parts of the globe and we each come from different walks of life, each member of the OWLS crew is dedicated to our cause! 


President: Katrina Sade (Grimmgirl)

Vice President: Kausus (Otaku Gamer Zone)

Secretary: Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

Co-secretary/Public Relations Officer: crimson613 (My Fujoshi Life)

Chief Creative Officer: LynLyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

Members Review & Disciplinary Committee Officer: Pink-chan (Pinky’s Palace)

Members Review & Disciplinary Committee Officer: Venus (Japanime Talks)

Public Relations Head Officer: Naja B. (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero)

Public Relations Officer: Hazelyn (Archi-Anime)

Public Relations OfficerNick Burkhalter (Chasing Japan)

Public Relations OfficerLita (LitaKino Anime Corner)

General Members:

 Brandon Lee (Bran New Day Anime)
Erendira (Sakura Daisuki)
 Matthew Castillo (Matt-in-the-Hat)
Moonid (Random Garage)
 Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)
 Remy Fool (The Lily Garden)
Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
 Sean Alpha (Geek Eire)
 Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)
 Steph (Two Happy Cats)
 Stephanie Clarke (Anime Girls NYC)
 Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)
Zoe (Let's Talk Anime)
PopLiterary (Pop Culture Literary)
Gigi (Anime Palooza)