Blog Tour Round-Up

“Visions” Blog Tour Roundup [January 2020]

Good Morning everyone!! How has the first month of 2020 been treating you all? Well we hope because it’s only moving quickly from here on out! Our OWLS members have definitely been busy with the turn of the New Year and Decade, but they’ve also made a bit of time to write about their future… Continue reading “Visions” Blog Tour Roundup [January 2020]

Blog Tour Schedule

“Visions” Blog Tour Schedule [January 2020]

Happy New Year’s everyone!! We hope you all had a great day, whether you spent it with family, friends, or attending to strangers because the retail worker’s life is tough! And we know it’s only three days into the new year but what great surprises have you stumbled upon or what great adventures do you… Continue reading “Visions” Blog Tour Schedule [January 2020]