Blog Tour Round-Up

“Holiday” Tour Blog Roundup

Hello Friends, I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Once again, I’ll be taking over roundup duty for this month. It was admittedly a slower month for our members, but that’s understandable given the time of year. The holidays and college finals are always present, but we still got some quality posts this… Continue reading “Holiday” Tour Blog Roundup


Blog Tour Round-Up

“Masculinity” April 2019 Blog Tour Round-Up

Hey everyone! Crimson here bringing you the round up for our Masculinity blog tour. We had quite the busy month with our OWLS members sharing their experiences with masculinity, expectations, and what they see society and media enforcing and/or breaking. If you missed any of the posts, now’s the chance to read them! Especially considering… Continue reading “Masculinity” April 2019 Blog Tour Round-Up

Blog Tour Round-Up

“Miracle” December 2018 Blog Tour Round Up

Hey hey hey owlets! Zel here with our end of the year round-up. Can you believe it 2018 is officially over and us OWLS are heading into another new year together! Over the month of December our members discussed “miracles”; be sure to check them out. “Miracle” Blog Tour Round Up  (December 2018) 6th – Miracles… Continue reading “Miracle” December 2018 Blog Tour Round Up