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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – Knowing Your Vulnerabilities with YumDeku!

Good day Owlets!! It seems like today is the last week of June, in fact, we’re slowly counting down the hours. Can yall believe we’ve already made it through half the year? Are the Christmas presents already hiding in your closets? Because it won’t be long before the winter holidays start creeping up on us

But we’re getting a little too ahead of ourselves perhaps. Before all of that, we do still have a couple of more posts to share with you lovely people! In fact, according to our archives, the last post we looked at was Karandi’s, which talked about the vulnerabilities that Shiroyuni comes to embrace and how that gives her strength. If you haven’t check out that post yet, now’s the time! If you’re right on track…well, you’re probably smirking at this post…

Up next we have YumDeku who looks at vulnerability in ShinSekai Yori!


Is weakness really a vulnerability?, I don’t think so. Weakness to me is knowing yourself.

And by knowing your weakness, you can find a way to adapt or at least be better next time.

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