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November “Failure” Tour – Growth in a New Community with Dylan!

Good day everyone!

How has everyone been this week? The weather has gotten nice on this end of the world, with a bit of rain, and rain is the best time to get some reading done, right?

Last time we shared Fred’s post where he looked at Failure in the series Devilman Crybaby, especially in relation to the series end and the personalities of individual characters. Haven’t checked it out yet? Then now’s your chance to head on over and read it! Up next we’re taking a bit of a reading break with Dylan’s video where he talks about Big Windup, one of the cutest baseball series ever!

So I can really relate to Mihashi in that sense because I feel like if I fail at something, I fail everybody, in a weird sense, and that’s how he feels about his pitching. And, luckily he ends up joining a baseball team that actually helps him and helps him grow and learn, which is something he desperately needed.

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