Blog Tour Round-Up

“Adapt” Blog Round Up [May 2020]

Hey Hey Owlets, Naja here, bringing you the Round-Up for the May 2020 “Hope” Blog Tour! It’s been a rough couple of months for everyone and we here at OWLS want you to know that we can get through this together! OWLS has always been about community and creating spaces were EVERYONE is free to be themselves. We pride ourselves on being a group that promotes acceptance first and foremost!

Anime Friends


With everything going on in the world, we hope that this month’s posts help lift your spirits! We had some really great submissions this month, so here are all the Blog Tour posts that went out during the month of May (in case you missed em)!

Right now, we all have lost something or gained something in return during this dark time. Our lives have been completely altered due to coronavirus. For this month, we will be talking about anime series and other pop culture media where we have characters having to adjust to changes in their environment. Whether it’s adjusting to a new school or heading towards an isekai fantasy world, we will be discussing characters that had to make changes within themselves in order to adapt to the circumstances they are in. This will also give us an opportunity to express our own personal lives as we try to adjust to a “new normal.”


  • Isekai Anime
  • X-men

“Adapt” Blog Tour Round-up (May 2020)

12th Jack from Animated Observations – Rei and the Need to Adapt

14th Megan from Nerdy RamblesDon’t Panic

15th Hikari from Hikari Otaku Station – All Routes Lead to Doom

16th Pinkie from Pinkie’s Paradise Adapt Don’t Change

19th Aria from Anime SpellbookAdapting to Society with Wandering Son

23rd Takuto from Takuto’s Anime CafeID:Invaded and Searching for the Answers

24th Scott from Mechanical Anime ReviewsJinto Linn: Adaptation in Space

26th Naja B. from Blerdy OtomeCreating the Ideal Partner: The Adaptive Nature of Heroines in Otome Games – May 2020 “Adapt” OWLS Blog Tour

27th Miandro from Miandro’s SideRWBY: More mistakes made than any man | OWLS “Adapt” Blog Tour

28th Mel from Mel in Animeland[OWLS Tour 2020] Adating to Survive

29th Neha from BibloNyanOWLS May 2020: Great Teacher Onizuka & the Gratification of Mentorship while Adapting to Student Suffering

30th Auri from Manga Toritsukareru KotoStrength is Adaptability : Skip Beat (OWLS Blog Tour)

31st Crimson from A Nerdy Fujo Cries [OWLS] Adapting our views to create a better society

Hope you enjoyed our May Hope Blog Tour!! Our members really gave it their all this month! Our June 2020 Blog Tour is right around the corner so be on the lookout for the April Schedule coming at you soon!!

If you’re interested in joining OWLS, head on over to our contact form and drop us a line. We welcome all content creators, so be sure to bring an open mind and a positive attitude!! 

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See you next time!! 

Naja B.

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