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April “Masculinity” Blog Tour – Scott Looks at Chihayafuru’s Battle of Gender Norms!

Good day Owlets!! It looks like our April “Masculinity” tour is approaching the end. In fact, today is the last day but before we let you all go, we have the last batch of posts to share and then our end of month livestream!

If you guys haven’t finished up Fred’s post on masculinity via a biological level and how the media at large portrays the concept, go on and read that first. If you’re all caught up than now is the time to jump on over to Scott’s post!

And if you’re on track unlike us you guys are OWLSTASTIC!


If there is something to be learned here, it’s that being male doesn’t mean that you can’t be sensitive or emotional. While Arata always had that capability, Taichi learned what that means through his emotional journey in this show. Empathy and understanding are such powerful things, and yet that is frowned upon in society which Chihayafuru shows too. Dare to dream and be different.

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Let us know in the comments or on any of our social media accounts what masculinity means to you all and what you think of the tour so far!

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