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July “Technology” Tour – Finding Your Identity Within Technology with Neha!

Good day everyone! We hope everyone’s been having a good day so far ^^

We are now in countdown mode with the 30th as our final technology posts day AND the 1st of August as our livestream date. How have you all been enjoying the posts? What has been your favorite so far? We suppose it is a little early to be picking favorites, what with three more posts still on the waitlist, but surely our curiosity can be indulged?

Our last share was from Mel and she talked about Psycho-Pass, the futuristic world that is depicted, and how easily the characters have adapted to such a technology-dependent world. If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, head on over here! If you’re all caught up then next up we have another racing story from Neha


I hated it, at first. But when I was fourteen years old, I participated in my first street race. I barely won. It was the most incredible feeling of my entire existence up to that point and it changed my world in unbelievably fantastic ways; ways that are still very relevant to me today.

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