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October “Fantasy” Tour – Looking at the Impossible and Improbable with Fred!

As it nears afternoon and then evening, some people might be waiting for the fantastical to cross over to our world for the night. What are your plans?

We may or may not be waiting for some tricks and treats from our favorite paranormal creatures. And in the meantime, we continue to read some of our OWLS members’ fantastic posts for this month’s theme. Earlier we shared Matt’s post, which centered around OCs (Original Characters), what they were, why people create them, and Matt’s own history with OCs. If you missed his post, head on over to check it out! Because off to the next spooky blog we head

Over at Au Natural, Fred takes a look at fantasy from different perspectives and mediums. Prepare to be amazed!


Fantasy is how we deal with the frustration of life. Through it, we get to experience vicariously things that never happened. We can be the hero we never were in real life. Wrongs are righted, the villains in our lives get their just deserts and we get the boy(s) or girl(s) of our dreams. They also allow us to experience and work out “negative” emotions in a safe environment. Anger, fear, sadness, even the deepest of grief can be our fantasy.

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