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December “Holiday” Tour – Embracing the Cynical Christmas Cheer with Aria!

Good Morning Owlets!!

Christmas is now behind us but the holidays are still in full bloom! Last time we shared Lita’s post where she talks about the way she celebrates Christmas in Australia where the weather is oh so hot. Curious? Then check out her post here! Up next we have a double post special from Aria who is participating in the #12daysofanime. Aria talks about how Christmas is a bag of both good traditions and expectations but also, how weird is that actual Christmas music? Aria can tell you! Check it out~

TKuG8Ti (1).png

To be honest, I’m not the most gung-ho about Christmas. I used to be, but somewhere along the line (after not being exposed to vaguely-religious Christmas concerts and carols by candlelight events at the park down the road for quite a few years), I just stopped caring. Being stuck in what amounts to an unpaid retail assistant position just serves to drive home the weirdness, in part because – as most retail assistants (including fellow OWLS member Megan) can tell you – you listen to Christmas songs on repeat in the lead up to the big day.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤ and
Happy Holidays!!


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