Blog Tour Round-Up

“Visions” Blog Tour Roundup [January 2020]

Good Morning everyone!! How has the first month of 2020 been treating you all? Well we hope because it’s only moving quickly from here on out!

Our OWLS members have definitely been busy with the turn of the New Year and Decade, but they’ve also made a bit of time to write about their future visions as content creators, individuals, and as a community. Yes, for January our theme was “Visions”, but what exactly does that mean?


Theme: “Visions”

Happy New Year! Since it is a new year, it’s a new you! This month we will be talking about various pop culture mediums that focus on envisioning “the future.” What type of future do we want for ourselves, our communities, and the world? Also, we will be sharing our goals and plans for the new year. Once again, happy new year!

Fullmetal Alchemist
My Hero Academia

“Visions” Blog Tour Roundup (January 2020)

1/9: [OWLS January Blog Tour] Healing From The Past by Megan (Nerd Rambles)

1/11: [Jan 2020 OWLS Blog Tour] Spider-Verse: A clear vision requires a leap of faith by Matt (Matt in the Hat)

1/14: Idolmaster SideM: How Personal Branding Shapes Our Image || OWLS “Visions” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

1/16: Visions of a Brighter Future [OWLS Jan. ’20 Blog Tour] by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook)

1/18: Visions for A Better Tomorrow – January 2020 “Visions” OWLS Blog Tour by Naja (Blerdy Otome)

1/21: OWLS: Visions by Fred (Au Naturel)

1/26: [OWLS] The Shadow’s Vision by Crimson (Cute Boys Central)

1/27: Akira: A Dystopian Vision of the 21st Century [OWLS Blog Tour 2020: Visions] by Dale (That Baka Blog)

1/28: It’s time to D-D-D-Duel already? OWLS Tour: Visions by Pinkie (Pinkie’s Pokemon)

1/29: [Jan. 2020 OWLS Post] Choosing Your Future Doesn’t Always Require Punching by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

1/31: OWLS: Utopia? Make It So by Matt Doyle (Matt Doyle Media)

What about you all? What are some of your visions for the future? Maybe it’s something for next month, mid-year, the year, or possibly even a goal you want to accomplish this decade! Don’t forget to also let us know what your favorite post was~

Also, if you are interested in joining our group and/or submitting a theme for OWLS to discuss click here! We are always looking to get new members who are passionate about our cause, but if you’d rather just keep up with us, then follow us on our social media platforms:

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Like always,
Free to Be ME


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