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July Is OWLS ???



We’ve been teasing our special tour for July, after last 3 tours focusing on pandemic, how it has transformed our lives but high time we did something positive and different, OWLS has not done by. !!

*party crackers go off*

Hey Ho!! Everyone, Lita here !!

Hope you doing all well as can be!! If you haven’t noticed on our twitter over past week we have teased a few times of what our July focus is going to be. I am super super duper excited to about, keeping it under wraps has been hard not to spill the beans. You are used to seeing our team cover a selected topic each month but 


Is not the go this time around !!

For the July we are doing something completely different and never done before. Right now in our lives is tough enough and all lost something in the process no matter how small. Speaking from anime community we all have lost one thing. Something that makes us feel united being apart of this community, Something that brings happiness and connection. That something across the world has been cancelled all over globe and we’ve had to readapt that idea.


We Present


OWLS_ The Mini CONmmunity - Anime is Never Cancelled (1)


That’s right we are running our own con!


Anime can never be cancelled, it’s daily, it’s life!. We’re so excited to run our own mini con and our members have lined up some cool projects, they have worked hard on to share with you all!! All the fun begins on Monday 13th July.

Check out below the schedule! 



Con Schedule


Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews –  Hideaki Anno: The Road to Evangelion  July 13

Aria from Animanga Spellbook  – Anime and Manga Budget Buys – July 15

Matt from Matt-in-the-HatDragon Ball: Comparing the Big Three Series – July 17

Pinkie from Pinkie’s ParadisePinkie’s Plushies: Support your DealersJuly 20

Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe – Starting Index/Railgun in 2020: A Toaru Guide – July 22

Matt Doyle from Matt Doyle Media Game Creation Basics: A Point and Click Puzzle in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 July 24

Megan from A Geeky GalThe Virtual Artist Alley: Geeky Etsy Shops & Small Businesses – July 27

Lyn from SomethingAboutLynHumanities Anime Course – July 29

Lita from LitaKinoAnimeCorner Uniqueness In Anime Gems/ Making The Choice For You – July 30

Jack from Animated ObservationsFusion Fight: An OWLS Short Story Writing Competition July 31  ENTER HERE NOW

Carla from PopLiterary Owls Virtual Con Fanart ContestJuly 31  ENTER HERE NOW



We’re excited!!

Be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram for when our events go live, updates and how to participate. Jack short story and Carla’s fanart contest are live to go enter now. We will update when these contests close on our socials !! Follow us on the #owlsminicon #owlsbloggers

We hope you guys will enjoy OWLS mini version of a convention, on our socials we will be spreading the positive daily and all the anime goodness!!. We may have some surprises planned along the way during our mini virtual con so keep an eye out on our social media !!

Anyone who spreads the word of any mini con we will greatly appreciate !!

YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

One last thing: Sunday 12th 8pm EDT we are holding a livestream event over on our youtube to talk about our convention and events. So come join Me and Naja for that !!!

This July at OWLS it’s about celebrating the otaku’s within us and keeping our favourite yearly activity every anime fan looks forward too alive, even though we can’t for this year of 2020!! 

All the fun starts 13th!!! See you then!! 

Lita xxx 


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