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OWLS Mini Con: Comparing Dragon Ball With Matt

Hello friendos. Aria here and we’re back at it again for the OWLS Mini Con. As you may have already noticed from the schedule, there’s no real theme to our content this time – we’re just running things that might not necessarily fit the usual blog tour.

A short reminder that Jack’s short story competition, dubbed the “Fusion Fight”, is running until the 25th of July and Carla’s fan art competition, which is also running until the 25th of July.

Now for the main event for this post: Matt’s comparison of “the Big Three” series of the hugely popular Dragon Ball, which went up on the 17th of July. He specifically discusses characters and concepts shared between them.

It started with one man and his imagination. His ideas would later create an epic story that would spawn billions of fans across the globe. That man is Akira Toriyama and he created Dragon Ball.

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(Image source: Matt’s post)

Now that the schedule has been out for a while, what have you liked the most so far in this con lineup? Is there anything you’re looking forward to later in the con?

The next contribution (…no, I will avoid the obvious pun) is on the 20th of July. Look forward to Pinkie’s plushie paradise.

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